NAME: International Islamic Relief Organization

iiro.pngBudget: Not available (IRS tax exemptions suspended)
Funding sources: Saudi Arabian government
Goals: To proselytize Islam, as one of most powerful influences, and providers of content on Islam in U.S. public school textbooks. Pioneered public school “teaching standards” on “religion” (i.e., chiefly Islam), and established “training” materials for public school teachers to instruct on “religion,” mainly in taxpayer-funded schools. Opposes public school religious instruction from “secular” voices. Attempts to hide its genuine goals by claiming it merely “consults.”
Suspicious and/or Hostile Activities: IIRO has funded a long list of global Islamic terrorist organizations, all spawned by or encompassed within the Muslim Brotherhood, including several branches of al Qaeda.
Key Leaders: Secretary general Adnan Khalil Basha; executive committee member Sulaiman bin Ali al-Ali; Beit al-Mal, Inc. (BMI) founder, American Muslim Council adviser and convicted terror financier Soliman Biheiri; former U.S. World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) chief Abdullah Awad bin Laden; MAS affiliate Mohamed S. Omeish; terror-funding co-conspirator Ismail Elbarasse; Saleh Kamel; Ibrahim Afandi; WMC president Abdullah Omar Naseef; designated terrorist Musa Marzouk; designated terror financier Yasin Kadi; SAAR treasurer and Sana-Bell secretary Yaqub Mirza; MB spiritual chief Yusuf Qaradawi; Sayed Abu Nasir; Asia IIRO director Ahmed al-Gamdin; al Qaeda financier Mohammed Galeb Kalaje Zouaydi; GRF co-founder Rabih Haddad.
Connection to MB and MB organizations: Hamas, Egypt's Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya, MAS, IIIT, SAAR, WAMY, CAIR, American Muslim Foundation, Success Foundation, Global Relief Foundation (GRF), Arab Bank, umbrella 50-”charity” terror-funding Union of Good organization, Al Haramain Islamic Foundation, Canada's Human Concern International, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, World Muslim Congress, Muslim World League, terror-funding Happy Hearts Trust in Isle of Mann, Hamas Humanitarian Relief Association front, Hamas Human Appeal International front, Kuwait al Qaeda funder Lajnat al-Dawa, Bosnian sister Lajnat al-Alam, Sudan's Third World Relief Agency, Benevolence International Foundation, Sudan-based Islamic African Relief Agency, Muwafaq Foundation and dozens of other global Muslim Brotherhood terror-financing and perpetrating affiliates
Projects: Funding global Islamic terrorism
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