Jamal Badawi

NAME: Jamal Badawi

jamal_badawi_profile.pngAliases: None known
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Education: B.A. from Cairo's Ain Shams University; Bachelors Degree in Islam, Islamic University of Medina, 1965; Masters and doctorate in Business Administration, Indiana University (Bloomington); Harvard Ph.D., comparative religions, 1978.
Occupation: Islamic cleric and lecturer; IAU vice-chairman, past or current board member of FCNA, ISNA, CAIR, CCNA, European Council of Fatwa and Research (ECFR) and International Union of Islamic Scholars (IUIS).
Suspicious and/or Hostile Activities:
  • Strongly advocates establishment of sharia law in America
  • One of 25 individual unindicted co-conspirators listed by U.S. Dept. of Justice in Holy Land Foundation terror-financing case
  • Featured speaker at three-day 2007 conference in Doha, Qatar honoring MB spiritual leader Yousef Qaradawi, co-founder of terror-funding al-Taqwa Bank banned from U.S. Since 1999.
  • Favors polygamy and advocates for legalization of polygamy for Muslims in North America.
  • Stated in Oct. 2004 article, Islam and democracy are incompatible, and instructed Muslims to base behavior solely on Islamic (sharia) law.
  • pretends sharia – with perennial jihad and countless strictures on non-Muslims and women – complements U.S. Bill of Rights.
  • In 1999, unequivocally supported suicide bombing as “act of heroism ... required to save others,” that is “self-sacrifice you cannot really [call] suicide.”
  • In late 1980s, taught “Islamic history” course through Stanford Univ. history department, initiated and funded by MB, Saudi-backed terror-financing World Muslim League (WML).
  • Supported March 2003 fatwa with Muhammad Nur Abdullah, Yusuf Ziya Kavakci and Muzammil Siddiqi, “Seeking Martyrdom by Attacking US Military Bases in the Gulf” mandating violence against U.S. troops in the Middle East. Attacking them “is an obligation and Jihad, as they are true invaders,” the fatwa states, while also promising any Muslim “killed while resisting aggression...the highest degree of martyrdom.”
Current position: IAU vice chairman, current board member of Fiqh Council of North America, European Council of Fatwa and Research and International Union of Islamic Scholars.
Ties to other groups/individuals: Co-founded and incorporated Muslim American Society and remains active; advises fatwa bank at Islamic site of MB spiritual adviser Qaradawi with Muhammad Nur Abdullah, Yusuf Ziya Kavakci and Muzammil Siddiqi; colleague of FCNA co-founder and former chair Taha Jaber Al-Alwani, another unindicted terror-financing co-conspirator; colleague of former FCNA trustee, member and former Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP) director Muhammad al-Hanooti; colleague of former FCNA; vice-chair and chair Muhammad Nur Abdullah
Connection to MB: Studied at MB Islamic University of Medina during peak of second Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood exile wave welcomed to Saudi Arabia by King Saud bin Abdel Aziz; co-founded MAS and still active; connected to terror-funding Muslim World League (MWL); active with and frequent speaker for all North American MB organizations, and international MB organizations like ECFR and IUIS.
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