Masjid Hazrati Abu Bakr Siddique

NAME: Masjid Hazrati Abu Bakr

masjid2.pngBudget: No independent budget reported to IRS; “churches” not required to report
Funding sources: unknown
Goals: none stated on website
Suspicious and/or Hostile Activities:
  • Mosque received national attention in Sept. 2009 after three Afghan congregants were arrested for al-Qaeda connections and plotting to bomb New York City subways. All three were subsequently convicted of terrorism charges or pleaded guilty.
  • Masjid imam Ahmad Wais Afzali, who for years preached and ran youth groups at the mosque in 2010 pleaded guilty to lying to FBI investigators and subsequently voluntarily left the U.S. before he would have otherwise faced deportation to his native Afghanistan
  • Mosque president Abdulrahman Jalili, 60, in 2009 told reporters he had no knowledge of the plotters' intentions or their extensive written notes on how to make peroxide-based explosives. He said he had no idea what the men “were up to.”
Key Leaders: Abdulrahman Jalili
Connection to MB and MB organizations: Unclear
Projects: Not listed
Complete Documentation For: Masjid Hazrati Abu Bakr