Minaret of Freedom Institute

NAME: Minaret of Freedom Institute

minaret2.pngBudget: 2011, MFI, $35,000 (from 2011 IRS 990), 2008, $114,000; 2010, IAZF, $158,000 (from IRS 990 filing).
Funding sources: 2011, MFI, $35,000 in unspecified “contributions, gifts, grants and similar amounts” (from 2011 IRS 990), 2008, $113,000 in unspecified “contributions and grants” 2010, IAZF, from IRS 990 filing, $137,155 in unspecified “contributions, gifts, grants and similar amounts”; 2009, IAZF: $726 cash and “pledge receivables” of $56,530 from “local independent charities,” $2,226 from “Maryland charities,” $2,624 from “America's charities,” $1,836 from World Bank, $2,227 from “Network for Good”
Goals: MFI website states, “exposing Muslims to free market thought and the value of liberty to Islam; educating non Muslims about Islamic beliefs, practices, and contributions. ” IAZF, founded 1987 to help “Muslims in America” fulfill “obligations to purify their wealth by helping the poor and needy and others in special circumstances.” Its 2009 annual report states, “Muslims are a single community,” all “of perfect equality before God (Allah) except as our piety distinguishes” them. To “maximize effectiveness,” cooperates with groups like CAIR and “various mosques.”
Suspicious and/or Hostile Activities: Founder Imad ad-Deen Ahmad has for decades closely associated, in many capacities, with terrorist U.S. and global Muslim Brotherhood arms. In Jan. 2001 he attended a Beirut terrorists' convention with al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad leaders leaders plotting anti- U.S. and Israel acts. They included Hamas adviser Ahmed Yousef, former IAP president and indicted immigration fraud Yaser Bushnaq, and ex-IIIT and FCNA trustee and convicted terror-financier Abdurahman Alamoudi.
Key Leaders: Imad ad-Deen Ahmad; vice president Aly Abuzaakouk, former AMC executive director, IIIT publishing chief and previous head of Hamas-funding designated terrorist United Association for Studies and Research (UASR); Egyptian AIZF co-founder and director Omar Atia; IIIT Europe and North Africa Regional Director Abubaker al Shingieti, a former Sudanese presidential political affairs chief (1995-1998) and Khartoum government and Sudanese Embassy spokesman (1993-1995 and 1990-1993, respectively) while Sudan hosted Osama bin Laden; former ISNA secretary general and former Ikhwan MSA president Iqbal Unus; former MSA and MAS president Esam Omeish; director Sharmin Ahmad; Shahid Shah; Omar Altalib (Malaysia).
Connection to MB and MB organizations: connected to IIIT, IAP, CAIR, USAR, MSA, MAS, FCNA, MPAC, Hamas, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Union of Good, and virtually every other North American MB organization, including ISNA, ICNA --- not to mention global MB outfits.
Projects: Current projects listed on website:
  • Collaboration with Thompson Ayodele of Nigeria for conference on Islam and markets to benefit African Muslims.
  • Educate Muslims on civil liberties, civic participation, and basic American Law.
  • Prepare book on disentangling culture from religion.
  • Prepare pamphlet on "Women in Islam: Hard Questions: Intelligent Answers".
  • Prepare paper on the politico-economy of the classical Islamic civilization.
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